It’s a nightmare to be driving late at night. You’re tired from work because you had a project that your fellow team members weren’t contributing to. As a result you, as the project leader, had to tolerate getting chewed out by the supervisor. The only reason you didn’t get punted from the assignment was that your individual work was still of a high standard. It was just your leadership skills which were lacking because a proper project leader would’ve pulled everyone into line. In any case, the chewing out just had to occur after you were meant to clear off. Consequently you’re stuck navigating something close to pitch blackness with nothing but car headlights and dimly lit streetlights to guide you. It’s all you can do to not drop your head onto your steering wheel and pass out but your life is literally in your hands. As a matter of fact, potentially other lives are in your hands if you happen to collide with anyone. 
Unfortunately, other people tend to not share the same sense of self-preservation. While you’re trying very hard not to tap another surface, some doofus is trying very hard to get right into your bumper bar. It’s only a matter of time but inevitably the impact occurs and both cars jolt. With better light and an earlier time of day you could have hashed out some sort of compromise and insurance exchange. To your detriment the other driver doesn’t care enough to stop and veers around your car to go on his way. You just barely catch his licence plate thanks to your headlights. Photographic memory has its benefits. Find out more from this source. 

The next day, your first order of the day is to contact a car accident lawyer. Since you were able to record the other driver’s licence plate you have a course of action you can follow. You weren’t injured from the collision but you can still seek compensation from the actions of the other driver. The car accidents lawyer will do his duty to get you the best deal possible and you can get that deal with these compensation lawyers Brisbane.
One of the most crucial actions to take is to seek a compensation claim as soon as possible. Thankfully you didn’t drag out the process because the longer you could’ve wanted, the further away an appropriate resolution would’ve been until it vanished completely. Car accident lawyers can also assist you in resuming a regular lifestyle. You likely suffered emotional or psychological trauma from the impact which can affect your ability to drive. Anyone who’s been in a life-threatening incident can feel that they can’t perform their regular routines anymore. It may take a while before you can get back behind the wheel but that’s part of the job for car accident lawyers. In the meantime you may have to resort to public transport. Hopefully you can recover before driving becomes a complete impossibility.