‘An honest man has nothing to fear while a guilty man has everything’ it is a famous quote that rings true in every aspect of our lives. We are a race that loves a routine and so we go about our daily lives, following the road signs, being nice to our boss and keeping order. Generally this works well for us, but things can go wrong and innocent or not, you might be looking for a lawyer. Lawyers might have a reputation, in fact so much so that joke books over flow with cheeky puns, one I found quite amusing was:

Q: How does a lawyer sleep at night?
A: First he lies on one side then he lies on the other.

But in all seriousness lawyers are there to help us. If we weren’t allowed a lawyer to speak on behalf of us, we wouldn’t know where to begin. Many of us don’t even now the rights that we have, even the simple ‘you have the right to remain silent’ is often misconstrued as a term for incarceration when in fact it is a right that allows us to not speak until given a lawyer which otherwise might get you in even further trouble. 

Family and civil court are not criminal courts and for an offence like a breach of contract or adultery it is here that those cases are resolved legally. In terms of lawyers, you would only require a lawyer if you have to appear in magistrates or county and district court. It is in these courts that criminal matters get dealt with and if you are ever unfortunate enough to end up on one of these courts then there is a few things you need to know. Go to this page, to learn more details about law and order.

Firstly the main type of lawyer that will appear before these courts are usually traffic infringement lawyers or D.U.I lawyers. If you ever have to go to court and are on trial you need to make sure you arrive on time, tardiness will be used against you. Make sure you are dressed appropriately as you will be judged from the moment you walk in. Juries are used in both magistrates and county courts but you will only be stating your case to a judge in county or district court as this one is reserved for more serious offences.

Your encounter with police (if you had previously been arrested) will be taken into consideration. Remember the saying ‘an innocent man has nothing to fear’? Well if you behave accordingly and with the utmost respect for the police officer than you will be looked upon favourably. Many people make it worse by resisting arrest, which even if you are innocent can still get you in trouble. So whether it is sex crime solicitors in Sydney working on a sexual assault case or criminal lawyer Bankstown, lawyers are there for your protection and to keep the grounds even when stating your case.